2014 Year in Review

On September 18th we completed our outdoor events for 2014 with a good turnout at Brook Run Park. Despite the Falcons and Braves playing at home; Auburn on TV and kids back in school we had 62 cars at the Park.

Thanks to the Bill Grossman and Bettie Cagle for allowing us to use the excellent space at the Park. The Thursday Night Food Truck events in July and September have really assisted us in letting more people know about the Dunwoody Driving Club.

In 2014, we have had events on 3/29 at Ace; 4/27 at Lemonade Days; 7/17 and 9/18 at Brook Run. All were well attended and we have already been asked to participate in Lemonade Days 2015.

Because of the weather we will not be planning any more outside events for the remainder of the year. However, depending on membership feedback, I would like for us to have an informal lunch after the beginning of 2015. Let me know you thoughts on this idea.

Our current membership is at 78 and we need to add to this list in 2015 so, get your friends to the www.dunwoodydrivingclub.com and fill out the membership application.

Also, for the past four years Mark Weiss has been extremely helpful in producing our web site, updating it as needed, handling PR releases; making flyers; taking photographs at the events and doing other numerous things to keep our hobby afloat. Mark’s primary business is requiring more of his time and we need a volunteer to relieve him. Let me know if you are interested in working on the web site.

Again, thanks to all you for your participation and support. I think in 2015 we will see a lot of new members and new cars in our club so stay tuned.

Best regards,