2013 Year in Review

I am happy to report that 2013 was a very successful year for the Dunwoody Driving Club.

Our first two events in 2013 were Friday Nite Lights on April 5 and August 9. We were very fortunate to have excellent weather and a great turnout by many enthusiastic car owners who exhibited their vintage and late model cars. We received great positive feedback from the many members of the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs community who attended the events.

After experimenting with the Friday Nites, it was confirmed that members prefer a Saturday afternoon for our events. With many people working and traffic, the Saturday afternoon time is more convenient for everyone.

Our third event of the year on Saturday, October 26th was one of our largest and best attended by friends and families.

In 2013, we attracted many new members and at two of the events where we were able to collect school supplies for children in the Dunwoody area.

We want to again thank Camelot Jewelers for assisting us in procuring their parking lot for our events in 2013.

As a new bank and food store will be taking over the Ace Hardware and Blockbuster space in 2014, we will no longer be able to have future events at that location.

Our new location and supporter will be Marlow’s Tavern on Dunwoody Parkway. This will bring our events right into the heart of Dunwoody.

Thanks to all the members who have assisted me in organizing the club and events. Special thanks go out to Mark Weiss for his work in assisting in the press releases, photography, web site and more.

Kudos should also go out to the Katz Brothers for their continuous array of new sports cars; Scott for his popular hippy VW van; Danni for his beautiful Bentley and RR; the Drake’s for their totally restored Model A and all the other members who bring their wonderful cars for all of us to enjoy.

See you on March 29th for our first event of 2014.